First of all you will need a program called "Winzip 8.0" you can download it from

Once you have downloaded and installed and configured winzip you can proceed to the next step

1) Double Click the Theme Zip file you want to Install.

2) Once you double click it you will see the screen shown at the right, press "next"

3) After you press "next" make sure that "Install Desktop Theme from..." is selected

Then Click "Next"

4) Winzip 8.0 will automatically place the files where they belong, just click the "next" button to continue.

5) Winzip 8.0 shows you where files will be stored, this is to help you later if you wish to remove the theme. Click "Unzip Now" to unzip the files and install the theme.

6) You will notice that after unzipping the theme files, Winzip will ask you if you want to open the Theme installer. Just click "Next" to open it.

Or if you wish to skip this step, and apply the theme at a later time, just click "close"

7) Depending on what desktop themes program you have installed, winzip will selected it for you. You can them click the OK button to apply the theme.

8) After applying the theme Winzip tells you that everything has been successfully completed. Click the close button to exit.


9) Enjoy your new Theme



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