First of all you will need a program called "Winzip" you can download it from

Once you have downloaded and installed and configured winzip you can proceed to the next step

1) Double Click the Zip file you want to unzip.

2) Once you double click it you will see the screen shown at the right, press "next"

3) After you press "next" you will see this screen, click on the button named "select diffrent folder"

4) Type the location that you want to unzip the files to.


c:\my folder

5) press "OK" after you typed in the correct location.

6) When you click "OK" you will be back to this screen. You may click "Unzip Now" to unzip the files.

7) You will notice that after unziping your files, Winzip will open the folder you selected and show you the files.

8) You can click "close" to exit Winzip.

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