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Fortunately Internet ads are very easy to block. Use the following DNS servers instead of the ones assigned by your ISP. It might take a little longer to initially bring up a page, but it will be (almost) completely ad free.

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Ubuntu Linux is a great alternative to Windows XP & Vista. Ubuntu is free and you can have it pre-installed with your next Dell computer purchase. Ubuntu is safe and easy to use, download or order a free Live CD to give it a test drive.

Try Ubuntu Today - http://www.ubuntu.com

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Microsoft Windows Vista will include built in DRM. To view copy protected HD content, you'll need to purchase a display and video card that supports HDCP, High Definition Copy Protection. My suggestion is to say away from this kind of stuff. Windows Vista offers very little improvement over Windows XP or 2000. Keep your self up to date on the latest in DRM at http://www.doom9.org

Try Mozilla Firefox. It is far superior to Microsoft Internet Explorer on all levels (Features, Security, Stability, Speed, and Usability).

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There's a nasty little technology called "DRM".

It's important to learn and understand Digital Rights Management (DRM), and how it will affect technology in your everyday life.

Please educate yourself and others around you on the negative ramifications of DRM Technology, and help keep it out of our lives. DRM is a serious threat to all of us.


Microsoft's plan to dominate the Internet and send you a monthly bill to use your computer is beginning to roll out and take shape.

Words of warning: "Avoid Microsoft's .NET Run Time".

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