My Cryptographic Currency Mining "rig"

Bitcoin has become the most exciting phenomenons of the 21st century thus far. I've been following Bitcoin since early 2010 when they were worth no more than $8. Now (3 years later) a single bitcoin will set you back $1,072 USD. I never bought any bitcoins and now I wish I had.

Problem with USB Devices on USB Hubs that Won't get Recognized after Rebooting Windows

A problem that you may run into with some poorly designed USB hubs is that the devices attached or plugged into the hub will no longer show up or get recognized in Windows after your system has been rebooted.    You try powering it off and on, then unplug it, re-plug, reboot, etc...
Windows may even hang during boot while the USB hub is plugged in.

My Month with Ting

I've been subscribed to Ting for over a month now. My Bill last month was a mere $14.41 after taxes. I really only use my Sprint HTC Evo 4G every once in a while or for emergencies. That's a whole lot better that the $90+ I was paying with Sprint for something I rarely use but still like to have available.

MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation

Your contract with Sprint is done and your tired of paying the $90 each month. You decide to cancel you Sprint account and take your favorite smart phone over to a pre-paid wireless plan (or cheaper monthly plan) over at Boost Mobile. You enter in your MEID and you get "MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost. Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation.".

You contact customer service, you tell them your story and the reply goes something like this:

Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bar

If your here, then you probably know what the "Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bar" is. This is a product made by Dove several years ago and later discontinued. It was perhaps the best soap bar ever create by man kind. It had a unique wonderful scent and left your skin smooth. It was a pleasure the bath with this soap and I used it every day while the product was still sold.

I have here in my possession 1 unopened package of 8 (yes eight!) original Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bars. See...

Making Windows 7 Usable with Classic Shell

I've recently come across a neat little utility for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 that will "fix" the broken start menu and explorer interfaces. It's called "Classic Shell" and it does exactly what the name describes.

Netflix Update

It's been a few months since I've downgraded my Netflix account.  Even with the double reversal (Qwickster is no more), I still can't justify the increased cost for the streaming option.  I am only on the 1 DVD a month plan, and I've had this DVD sitting on my DVD player since April 2011.

Since the streaming content library is nowhere near as good as the DVD library, I decided to stay on the DVD plan.  However, seeing as I don't make very good use of that, I may end up canceling my service (yet again) sometime very soon.

Netflix DVD Rental Service now Called Qwikster

When I first started reading the letter sent by CEO Reed Hastings, I thought he was finally being a man and admitting defeat. I expected a reversal in the recent price increases; instead I receive some of the most devastating news yet. Netflix DVD rentals are no more!

Quick and Easy RTMP Flash Streaming Video with Red5 on FreeBSD

Streaming live video via Flash over RTMP can be done on FreeBSD with minimal effort.  We will use the FreeBSD operating system, the Red5 RTMP server, and the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Spammer Slapper

Introducing, the ultimate Anti-SPAM tool for your website. By polling all the resources of the Internet, we have created an Anti-SPAM system the will effectively block website and forum spam.

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