Topics Relating to Apache Web Server

Mozilla Thunderbird ISP Autoconfiguration Script for PHP and Apache

Starting with version 3.1, Mozilla Thunderbird has a built-on feature for automatically discovering mail server settings. While the default operation of "guessing" the setup works great 90% of the time, there is a feature that will "look-up" the correct settings for the given email address.

Redirect a Domain Alias to Primary Domain in Apache using mod_rewrite

This is perhaps one of the most simplest mod_rerwite directives that achieve something incredibly complex and useful. Say for example you have http://www.unibia.net as your primary website domain. Then a few years later, you want to create an additional easy to remember domain that your visitors can use to get to Unibia.net. For example, HelpFiles.info. Or lets say in the event that you decide to rename your website and use a new domain (for example Unibia.org) to replace your current one.