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Spammer Slapper

Introducing, the ultimate Anti-SPAM tool for your website. By polling all the resources of the Internet, we have created an Anti-SPAM system the will effectively block website and forum spam.

An Enhanced EDI Module for Ubercart

Introducing the Ubercart EDI module version 1.2 (unofficial). The modifications in this version integrate FTP transfers, add a field to specify a file header, and includes a standard X12 BASIC 850 PO export format. Read more about it at: http://www.unibia.com/unibianet/enhanced-ubercart-edi-order-export-and-i....

Migrate Joomla Forums to Drupal

The Drupal-Joomla Forum Importator script is avialble for download from Unibia.net. Use this script to import your Joomla Simple Boards forum into Drupal. Visit the Drupal-Joomla Forum Importator page for complete details.

How to Create Node Comments in Drupal Programmatically

Creating node comments or replies to comments in Drupal programmatically can be done by using the built in API function named "comment_form_submit". The following help file will show you how to do this. This was tested in Drupal version 6, but should work in Drupal 5.

How to Create Drupal Forums and Containers Programmatically

Creating a Container or a Forum in Drupal using the API is very easy. However, the lack of useful examples makes this seem almost impossible for beginners. The example below will show you how to create Drupal forums and containers Programmatically.

How to import products into Drupal Ubercart with a Script

So, you've setup you brand new Drupal install with Ubercart, and now you want to import your products into the store's database. However, much to your disappointment, you can't find anything that tells you how to do that. As always, the lack of examples makes such a task seem impossible, but in reality it's very simple.

How to attach an image to a node

The following examples assumes a node already exists, and you already have the ID for that node. You also need to make sure you have the Image Cache and Image Field modules installed along with the CCK module.

How to Create Drupal Nodes with a Script

One of the most power features about Drupal is it's API. Sometimes it's necessary to manually create content such as a story or page (aka: nodes) using a PHP program/script. The current documentation about this is very limited or hard to follow. So I provide complete instructions here. They have been tested in Drupal 5.x but they should also work in version 6.x without much modification.

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