Extend the Usability of Your Dell PowerEdge 1850 - Part 1

My first 'real' server was a Dell PowerEdge 1850 that I got sometime in 2005. At the time it was a powerful machine with dual Intel Xeon CPU's each at 3 GHz, dual power supplies for redundancy, and U320 SCSI hostswap drives on a PERC 4e/Si. Years later I would later upgrade the RAM and storage to it's maximum capacity, but that can only take you so far.

Network Speed Test on FreeBSD

With just a few command (2 actually). You can benchmark the network transfer speed between two FreeBSD hosts using nothing but the base system (no additional tools/ports need to be installed).

You must Disable Firefox's DNS-over-HTTPS aka Trusted Recursive Resolver

Firefox for some time has been experimenting with something called DNS-over-HTTPS. It's a massive change to one of the most fundamental mechanics of the Internet and could have some seriously devastating effects. Since Firefox 74 it's enabled by default for new users, and since Firefox version 79 existing users that have up till now not enabled it are being asked to opt-in using a misleading popup.

Jitsi Meet on FreeBSD with Apache

The ports needed to deploy a Jitsi Meet service using a FreeBSD platform is now available to install from the ports tree.

Cannot log in to IBM System x IMM web Interface with Firefox

If you use Firefox version 52 or later and you have Lenovo/IBM IMM firmware 1.47 and later you'll notice that there is no progress after pressing the Login button in IMM web interface. This the latest flaw in what was once a great browser. The people over at Mozilla think they know what's best and decide to break stuff in the name of 'security'.

Installation script for a FreeBSD based MATE desktop

This is an installation script for a FreeBSD based MATE desktop.

My Cryptographic Currency Mining "rig"

Bitcoin has become the most exciting phenomenons of the 21st century thus far. I've been following Bitcoin since early 2010 when they were worth no more than $8. Now (3 years later) a single bitcoin will set you back $1,072 USD. I never bought any bitcoins and now I wish I had.

Problem with USB Devices on USB Hubs that Won't get Recognized after Rebooting Windows

A problem that you may run into with some poorly designed USB hubs is that the devices attached or plugged into the hub will no longer show up or get recognized in Windows after your system has been rebooted.    You try powering it off and on, then unplug it, re-plug, reboot, etc...
Windows may even hang during boot while the USB hub is plugged in.

My Month with Ting

I've been subscribed to Ting for over a month now. My Bill last month was a mere $14.41 after taxes. I really only use my Sprint HTC Evo 4G every once in a while or for emergencies. That's a whole lot better that the $90+ I was paying with Sprint for something I rarely use but still like to have available.

MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation

Your contract with Sprint is done and your tired of paying the $90 each month. You decide to cancel you Sprint account and take your favorite smart phone over to a pre-paid wireless plan (or cheaper monthly plan) over at Boost Mobile. You enter in your MEID and you get "MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost. Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation.".

You contact customer service, you tell them your story and the reply goes something like this:

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