Drupal Theme

Free custom Drupal themes that were converted from Joomla or standard XHTML templates, or created from scratch by me.

Flash Realty


An Adobe Flash based theme with table layout, converted from an HTML template. Has light gray body with yellow sidebar and header on a dark solid gray background. Header contains Flash movie of a building behind a lake (animated water) and a green grass meadow with small trees under a partly cloudy blue sky. Primary navigation is Flash based so Drupal will not be able to manage it.



This is another theme converted from a Joomla template. Fully CSS based layout. This theme has a blue-gray header and footer with a white content area. Contains blue tabs for primary navigation.

JS Relevent

JS Relevent Preview

A theme a converted from an Joomla template. Table layout based. Features a royal blue textured background with tan/light coffee color header and footer with white content area. An overall simple and clean looking theme.

Tomato Room

Tomato Room Preview

This is a theme I converted from a standard XHTML template. It features a picture of a white couch in a room with bright red-orange walls (like a tomato) and a black carpet. The logo can be uploaded to fit over the empty wall, the primary navigation appears slightly under the logo as orange rounded rectangles.

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