Flash Realty

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An Adobe Flash based theme with table layout, converted from an HTML template. Has light gray body with yellow sidebar and header on a dark solid gray background. Header contains Flash movie of a building behind a lake (animated water) and a green grass meadow with small trees under a partly cloudy blue sky. Primary navigation is Flash based so Drupal will not be able to manage it.


  • Fixed width.
  • Adobe Flash Header.
  • Fixed width left sidebar
  • Pop out navigation menu*
  • Primary navigation built into Flash Movie
  • Animated water

Download this theme using the link below, extract it to your "sites/all/themes" directory. The Adobe Flash movie will read the links for the navigation menu from "_urls.txt" in the site root. Copy the "_urls.txt" file from the theme directory to this location, then edit as needed. Activate the theme in Drupal using your administrator account.

The original ".fla" source file is included in the images directory so you can edit the titles. You will need at least Adobe Contribute CS3 to open the movie.

*Pop out menus will not work with Internet Explorer at this time.