Spammer Slapper

Introducing, the ultimate Anti-SPAM tool for your website. By polling all the resources of the Internet, we have created an Anti-SPAM system the will effectively block website and forum spam.


  • No special requirements needed.


This product is destined to be so great, that a dedicated website has been made for it.  The Spammer Slapper is not meant to replace existing anti-spam tools such as the all popular CAPTCHA, but rather, act more like a supplement. 

Please note that this is alpha grade software and the API can change at any moment. You will need a valid API key in order to use this product. You may request one from the Spammer Slapper home page

How to Use

The Spammer Slapper Documentation contains complete instruction on how to utilize this system.  However, if you run a Drupal based website, you can get the Spammer Slapper up and running with minimal effort.

Just download, install, activate, and configure the Spammer Slapper Drupal module from below.  You'll instantly see a dramatic drop in the amount of spam posted to your forums, comments, and nodes.

More Info

The Drupal Module project page for the Spammer Slapper can be found here: (currently a sandbox project.).  The complete Spammer Slapper website can be found as 

For those who do not use Drupal and run a PHP based CMS or website, a pre-made PHP library is also available from the home page.

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