The Sims 3 Installs .NET Framework but Does not Need it

It's been almost a year since The Sims 3 was released, I am a huge fan of the Sims and all of Maxis's games. I pre-ordered it and have been enjoying it ever since.

However, a few months ago I noticed my computer "acting up" and preforming rather slowly. I hadn't done any changes to it other than install The Sims 3. So I did some basic clean up, poked around made sure their wasn't anything that shouldn't be their. I found a very nasty surprise, the .NET Frame work had somehow been sneaked into my system.

HAIKU OS Alpha 1 Released

For those who don't know, HAIKU is an operating system designed from the ground up to behave and work exactly like the once great BeOS. The operating system is the software that powers your computer, so your computer is only as powerful and capable as the operating system. BeOS was a very powerful and capable operating system for it's time. Even today, popular operating systems like Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows are no where near as powerful as BeOS.

An Enhanced EDI Module for Ubercart

Introducing the Ubercart EDI module version 1.2 (unofficial). The modifications in this version integrate FTP transfers, add a field to specify a file header, and includes a standard X12 BASIC 850 PO export format. Read more about it at:

Migrate Joomla Forums to Drupal

The Drupal-Joomla Forum Importator script is avialble for download from Use this script to import your Joomla Simple Boards forum into Drupal. Visit the Drupal-Joomla Forum Importator page for complete details. is now on Twitter

I never was a fan of social networking (never could understand the point), but I like the fact I can integrate Drupal and Twitter. So this is a test post to see how things work.

A New Song

After more than 8 years, I am proud to announce a brand new musical composition. This one is a much different style from the rest. It's more of an Electronica/Trance genre and has a "darker" techno style to it. Hear it for yourself.

It's still incomplete, think of it as a preview. The composition currently has no name, so it's temporary title is "Nameless". It's now available for free download for a limited time only in unrestricted MP3 format. Get it and share your thoughts.

Introducing, the new

There are probably some loose screws here and their, but I think this will work much better. Logical navigation, updated layout, and more Web 2.0 friendly. You now have the ability to comment on my news posts.

Many legacy items that didn't fit into the new layout will remain archived in the legacy area. I do not plan on updating those items any more. I've also kept a copy of the old site in their as well.

New Screen Saver

There is a new screen saver available for download. Visit the downloads section to get it.


Unibia Online Store

Visit the Unibia Online Store for savings on new and used computer hardware, purchase and download music.

Block Ads

Fortunately Internet ads are very easy to block. Use the following DNS servers instead of the ones assigned by your ISP. It might take a little longer to initially bring up a page, but it will be (almost) completely ad free.

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