Clicking on the taskbar clock, volume, or network does nothing in Windows

NOTE: This is a copy of a post I made on Stackoverflow (superuser). It's here on to locate it much easier.

Many items were not working as expected such as the "Add Bluetooth or other device" wizard, Action Center, volume control popup, tray notifications, and perhaps a whole lot more.

No clue what causes this, but it has happened several times, easily reproducible on fresh new copies of Windows. This is a bug, but Microsoft will not fix

The following command fixed the problem for my user profile. Run this in the Windows PowerShell:

Get-AppxPackage | % { Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppxManifest.xml" -verbose }

Note: The command may generate some errors due to some items being in use. In my case that was not an issue and I was able to ignore it.

This above command will read a list of all installed app packages for your user and reinstall them. The key part of that being the DisableDevelopmentMode and Register flags which will repair any corrupted packages. This specific command works only on the user level.

Read more about Get-AppxPackage and Add-AppxPackage on Microsoft's documentation site to understand what it does: