Advanced Anti-SPAM Plugin for miniBB (reCaptcha, Spammer Slapper)

This is the "Advanced Anti-SPAM" plugin for miniBB 2.x. It uses the reCaptcha service to add a challenge to the post and reply form. Secondly, after a valid Captcha, it uses the Spammer Slapper service for additional anti-spam protection.

Additional options can be passed to the Spammer Slapper by editing the 'setup_anti_spam.php' configuration file. (see the Spammer Slapper website for information). These two services together will have a dramatic effect on the elimination of SPAM in your forums.


  • miniBB 2.x
  • PHP 5.2 or later
  • Spammer Slapper PHP Library and API key
  • reCaptcha PHP Library and API key


To install the plugin you must first copy 'addon_anti_spam.php' and 'setup_anti_spam.php' into your miniBB directory. Add the code lines from 'bb_plugins.code.txt' to 'bb_plugins.php'. Then download the required libraries for each service (recaptchalib.php, spammerslapperlib.php) and place the in the miniBB directory.

Finally, edit the template file 'main_post_form' and add the following towards the bottom before the td and tr closing tags.


You may also place following variable in any template file on the areas where you want the Spammer Slapper plaque to appear.


This can be placed in any area of your miniBB website.

IMPORTANT: You must have your own API keys for each of the services and add them to the 'setup_anti_spam.php' configuration file.

Spammer Slapper:


You can download the plugin from this page under the file attachments section. Please, post bugs and suggestions on our forums.

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