Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bar

If your here, then you probably know what the "Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bar" is. This is a product made by Dove several years ago and later discontinued. It was perhaps the best soap bar ever create by man kind. It had a unique wonderful scent and left your skin smooth. It was a pleasure the bath with this soap and I used it every day while the product was still sold.

I have here in my possession 1 unopened package of 8 (yes eight!) original Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bars. See...

They were purchased at a local Target several years ago and forgotten. I recently found them hidden away in my closet, along with some individual bars of the same type. Of course I could not resit and I used an individual bar that was partially open. Hmmm... I was instantly taken back to 2007. How I missed that scent.

I understand how wonderful this product is and how there are many people out there who would just love to re-experience it's scent. I do not take this lightly, and it pains me to do so. After several months of thinking, I've decided to sell this unopened package.

Mind you, re-experiencing the joy of the Dove Energy Glow Beauty Bar will not come cheap.

To purchase this product you better be serious and you better have some serious cash. The purchase will require a non-refundable 30% cash down payment that is due in full, at which time the item will be sent to an escrow service for holding. If I accept your offer, you will have 72 hours to pay the remaining 70% in cash. If multiple parties are interested in this item, each must provide a non-refundable down payment, then the item will be auctioned off to the highest bidder using a well known and trusted action house.

This is 100% serious and will be handled as such.

This price includes my attorneys fees, escrow fees, taxes, and any other fees that may arise. You are responsible for your own fees if you wish to hire 3rd party assistance.

The cost to re-experience this wonderful product and enjoy it's one of a kind scent is $782 million USD.

The price final, non-negotiable, and must be paid in USD. Interested parties may inquire by using the contact form on this website (the "Email Me" link at the top).

Again, this is 100% serious & legitimate and will be handled as such.

2018-07-14 UPDATE: Touching this post since the last touch was 2013-09-01 19:50:20 -0400

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