Quick and Easy RTMP Flash Streaming Video with Red5 on FreeBSD

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

The quickest way to stream video to your Red5 server is to use the graphical and very easy to use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder on Windows or Mac OS X.


Download and install the encoder for your platform from Adobe's website: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediaserver/flashmediaencoder/.

You'll need to register with Adobe in order to proceed to the download page.  This software is completely free. Once your encoder is ready, open it up and select your audio and video sources.  You can configure your sources by clicking on the wrench icon.

FMLE AV Source

The media encoder offers several presets to save time.  Select the preset that best fits your needs.

FMLE Presets

If you want to tweak your stream settings, you may do so using the on screen options.

FMLE Optios

Next, we connect the media encoder to the streaming video server.  To do this enter the FMS URL and Stream name, then click connect.  The FMS URL will be rtmp://<red5-server>/midiDemo and the stream name can be whatever you want.


Click the Connect button, you should recive no errors and the button should change to Disconnect

At this point, you can click on Start to begin streaming live video to your server.

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