SugarCRM Asterisk VoiceRD Integration Module (Fixed for version 5.5)


I liked the Asterisk VoiceRD Integration at a lot. I saved me from having to dial a phone number (or copy and paste it). Instead I could just click the small phone icon next to the contacts number and SugarCRM would have my PBX system (Asterisk/Trixbox) ring my extension and dial the number for me.

Very Nice, worked well. Until I upgraded Sugar CRM to 5.5.

With no new updates released on the module for more than a year, I didn't expect that the original developer would fix his code for version 5.5 anytime soon. Thankfully, I'm a PHP developer, and the module was simple enough to understand.

I took it upon myself to try and fix this for version 5.5. It turns out that the code it's self is good and works fine in Sugar 5.5 (as far as I can tell). The end result is a modified version of the module that allows itself to be installed in SugarCRM 5.5.

So far no issues. Feel free to download from the attached file.

Package icon sugarOS-asteriskOS-55-1.9.zip135.8 KB