Several WHOIS Servers Hacked!

Interestingly, at about 3:00 AM on Sunday April 11 (that is when I noticed it), the WHOIS queries for several high profile domains appear to be hacked. GOOGLE.COM, AMAZON.COM, GODADDY.COM, MICROSOFT.COM, YAHOO.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, etc. Yet several smaller domains, such as UNIBIA.COM, PACYWORLD.COM, VIEWSONIC.COM, and BROADBANDREPORTS.COM are un-affected.

A quick WHOIS on GOOGLE.COM on my server here in Florida brings up:

I also tried it from several different computers in other states, networks, etc.. to make sure it wasn't me that got hacked, same results.

This computer is on the west cost:

This one is in St. Louis:

The one in New York appears unaffected:

The first few systems where OS X and FreeBSD's, but the New York system is Fedora 12.

I tried it on an Ubuntu system too here in Florida with similar results, although slightly different:

Most of the WHOIS responses state that they were last updated at around Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:00~ UTC.

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