Watch Hulu with no Commercials?

Fortunately Internet ads are very easy to block since everything works off of this little thing called DNS. However, some advertisers and publishers have been getting smart. Finding clever ways of detecting such blocks. Publishers such as Hulu have an elaborate (yet simple in concept) method of making sure you look at the ads. Luckily, their is always a way to bypass those detections.

Use the following DNS servers instead of the ones assigned by your ISP and your Internet experience will be (almost) completely ad free. Your Hulu experience will be 100% advertisement free with just a minimal 1 second pause in place of a commercial.

Remember, because of new detection methods, not all ad-blocking is 100% effective. However, by using the above DNS, you are sure to get the better result. If you do encounter a website that is still showing ads, is broken (because of blocked ads), or is using ad block detection, please feel free to report your findings in the appropriate forum on this website.

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