Updated Simple PHP File Upload Script with Multiple File Upload Added

I am pleased to announce the release of an updated Simple PHP File Upload script. Now you can upload multiple files at one time. To get the new version, just sign on to the Simple PHP File Upload web page at http://www.unibia.com/unibianet/simple-php-file-upload.

Setting Up Email Encryption and Signing with Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1

There are many reasons why you'd want to setup secure email communications (aka: encryption), especially given recent freedom of speech, privacy, and censorship issues in Western cultures.  It is useful and now thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird, it's also very easy to configure and use.

Three Years of Progress, Times Have Changed a lot.

For three years Unibia.net has been collecting web browser and operating system statistics.  Today, we look back 3 years into the past at November 2007.  Things have change significantly for the better in these last 3 years.  Microsoft no longer dominates the web as much as it used to.  Many more websites are using established web standards, and as a result, websites have changed significantly in appearance.

Watch Hulu with no Commercials?

Fortunately Internet ads are very easy to block since everything works off of this little thing called DNS. However, some advertisers and publishers have been getting smart. Finding clever ways of detecting such blocks. Publishers such as Hulu have an elaborate (yet simple in concept) method of making sure you look at the ads. Luckily, their is always a way to bypass those detections.

Several WHOIS Servers Hacked!

Interestingly, at about 3:00 AM on Sunday April 11 (that is when I noticed it), the WHOIS queries for several high profile domains appear to be hacked. GOOGLE.COM, AMAZON.COM, GODADDY.COM, MICROSOFT.COM, YAHOO.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, etc. Yet several smaller domains, such as UNIBIA.COM, PACYWORLD.COM, VIEWSONIC.COM, and BROADBANDREPORTS.COM are un-affected.

Unibia's Green Grass and Blue Sky with Clouds Landscape Wallpaper


A computer generated image of an upfront view of a green grassy field with a blue sky background. Designed in Adobe Photoshop by me. Free to use and distribute for non-commercial use.

Holiday Christmas Desktop Theme for Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP

It's that time of year again. December is here and many people around the world love to celebrate Christmas. Show the Christmas spirit this 2009 season and decorate your Windows desktop with the popular Christmas theme designed by Unibia.net.

Windows 7 First Impressions

Microsoft Windows 7 is suppose to undo the Windows Vista failure and make Windows "cool" again. Microsoft has supposedly spent the last 2 years fixing and changing features based on feedback given by it's customers. Now, two years later Windows 7 is ready, and it's being marketed as a "major improvement" over Windows Vista.

Is Windows 7 everything it's hyped up to be?

Why You shouldn't Write Your Application in .NET

I've recently been coming across some major commercial software that has gone the .NET route. It's very disappointing and sad to see great software come to this. When a software developer chooses to use/develop thier application .NET, it looses users, becomes lesser in quality, and locks itself into Windows. The purpose of this article is to inform developers why they should avoid .NET.

Cartoon Clouds Wallpaper

Tiled wallpaper with white/gray clouds and light blue background. Created in Ink Scape. Free to use and distribute for non-commercial use.

Windows users should download the BMP version
All others can download the JPG or PNG version (PNG is higher quality)


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