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You must Disable Firefox's DNS-over-HTTPS aka Trusted Recursive Resolver

Firefox for some time has been experimenting with something called DNS-over-HTTPS. It's a massive change to one of the most fundamental mechanics of the Internet and could have some seriously devastating effects. Since Firefox 74 it's enabled by default for new users, and since Firefox version 79 existing users that have up till now not enabled it are being asked to opt-in using a misleading popup.

My Month with Ting

I've been subscribed to Ting for over a month now. My Bill last month was a mere $14.41 after taxes. I really only use my Sprint HTC Evo 4G every once in a while or for emergencies. That's a whole lot better that the $90+ I was paying with Sprint for something I rarely use but still like to have available.

MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation

Your contract with Sprint is done and your tired of paying the $90 each month. You decide to cancel you Sprint account and take your favorite smart phone over to a pre-paid wireless plan (or cheaper monthly plan) over at Boost Mobile. You enter in your MEID and you get "MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost. Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation.".

You contact customer service, you tell them your story and the reply goes something like this:

Making Windows 7 Usable with Classic Shell

I've recently come across a neat little utility for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 that will "fix" the broken start menu and explorer interfaces. It's called "Classic Shell" and it does exactly what the name describes.

Netflix Update

It's been a few months since I've downgraded my Netflix account.  Even with the double reversal (Qwickster is no more), I still can't justify the increased cost for the streaming option.  I am only on the 1 DVD a month plan, and I've had this DVD sitting on my DVD player since April 2011.

Since the streaming content library is nowhere near as good as the DVD library, I decided to stay on the DVD plan.  However, seeing as I don't make very good use of that, I may end up canceling my service (yet again) sometime very soon.

Three Years of Progress, Times Have Changed a lot.

For three years has been collecting web browser and operating system statistics.  Today, we look back 3 years into the past at November 2007.  Things have change significantly for the better in these last 3 years.  Microsoft no longer dominates the web as much as it used to.  Many more websites are using established web standards, and as a result, websites have changed significantly in appearance.

The Sims 3 Installs .NET Framework but Does not Need it

It's been almost a year since The Sims 3 was released, I am a huge fan of the Sims and all of Maxis's games. I pre-ordered it and have been enjoying it ever since.

However, a few months ago I noticed my computer "acting up" and preforming rather slowly. I hadn't done any changes to it other than install The Sims 3. So I did some basic clean up, poked around made sure their wasn't anything that shouldn't be their. I found a very nasty surprise, the .NET Frame work had somehow been sneaked into my system. is now on Twitter

I never was a fan of social networking (never could understand the point), but I like the fact I can integrate Drupal and Twitter. So this is a test post to see how things work.

Introducing, the new

There are probably some loose screws here and their, but I think this will work much better. Logical navigation, updated layout, and more Web 2.0 friendly. You now have the ability to comment on my news posts.

Many legacy items that didn't fit into the new layout will remain archived in the legacy area. I do not plan on updating those items any more. I've also kept a copy of the old site in their as well.


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