MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation

Your contract with Sprint is done and your tired of paying the $90 each month. You decide to cancel you Sprint account and take your favorite smart phone over to a pre-paid wireless plan (or cheaper monthly plan) over at Boost Mobile. You enter in your MEID and you get "MEID/ESN provide is not eligible for activation with Boost. Please use valid Boost equipment for Activation.".

You contact customer service, you tell them your story and the reply goes something like this:

unfortunately it is not included on the list of Sprint phone that can be
activated here in Boostmobile. Please visit our website at for the list of available Boost phones.

Your options are:

  1. Go back to Sprint
  2. Buy a new Phone
  3. Flash your Phone
  4. Change the ESN/MEID

Options 1 and 2 are unacceptable, option 3 is too much work, and option 4, well lets just say it's not really an option if you live in the "good ol'" U.S.A. Is there anything else?

YES! Since about early 2013 you can take that Sprint phone over to this new mobile carrier called Ting. They are owned by Tucows, so it's a respectable company. It's a post paid wireless service that comes out to be a whole lot cheaper than Sprint and Boost Mobile. Best part is that you can activate almost any existing Sprint phone with a good ESN/MEID.

Here is a special coupon that will give you a $25 account credit when you open a new account. Just click the link below:

$25 Account Credit

Took me less than 5 minutes to get my Sprint HTC EVO 4G up and running.

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