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FreeBSD rc.d Scripts for Crypto Coins (Bitcoin and Litecoin)

This is a set of new and improved rc.d scripts for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and it's derivatives. These new scripts include better process management, automatic data directory creation, and the ability to run as a non-root user.

PowerPC and Cell BE Processor Optimized CPU Miner for FreeBSD

This is a FreeBSD port of the PowerPC optimized version of pooler's cpuminer. This version contains optimizations for PowerPC (Power Mac) and Cell/BE (PlayStation 3). These optimizations should improve performance on many other PowerPC hardware by using Altivec instructions.

FreeBSD Ports for Many Alternative Crypto Currencies

It seems like a new coin pops up every 5 minutes now. Rather than create a page for each one I design a port for, I am instead going to list them all (from now on) in one area.

So if your eager to try out the latest coin on your FreeBSD system, check here to see if I've made a port.

Install Catcoin on FreeBSD

Catcoin and OrangeCat are a cat versions of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm but using the same blockchain parameters as Bitcoin. I've created this port to make installing Catcoin on FreeBSD is very easy. Catcoin is for the original and not the forked version of 1/4/2014. OrangeCat is the forked version.

Install NBcoin on FreeBSD

The NBcoin digital currency is probably a dead coin at this point, but so long as someone wants it I guess it could still be revived. I've made installing NBcoin on FreeBSD is very easy.

Install Zetacoin on FreeBSD

Zetacoin is a digital currency that is similar to Bitcoin but with faster conformation times and quicker difficulty adjustments. Installing Zetacoin on FreeBSD is very easy.

FreeBSD rc.d Scripts for Bitcoin and Litecoin

The Bitcoin and Litecoin ports don't include any rc.d start up and shutdown scripts for FreeBSD. So I went ahead and made some. In order to use these scripts you must do some additional work after installing the respective ports.

Eloipool for FreeBSD

This is my customized version of the Eloipool mining pool server (written in Python) for FreeBSD 9.x.

Roundcube Password Change Plugin Enhancement

Roundcube has a nice little plugin named "password" that allows your users to change their passwords using the Roundcube Webmail interface. However, the current "drivers" do not work very well in a secure environment. Most drivers need you to have the "sudo" command installed and enabled for the Apache HTTP user. Others require that they be run as root.

Resize Your Existing FreeBSD Root Partition/Slice Safely Without Re-Installing

There comes a time when your FreeBSD root partition is just too small to be of any use. You've already moved /var, /usr, and /tmp to separate disks and there just isn't anything else you can delete. The problem being that you initially created the partition to be too small when FreeBSD was first setup.

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