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Make Packages from all Installed Ports in FreeBSD

Sometimes it's useful to create .tbz packages of all the installed ports on your FreeBSD system. Whether it's for a backup or for use on other similar systems, using the ports that are already built to your liking can save lots of time.

procmail-wrapper FreeBSD 9.0 (i386) version for use with Virtualmin

This is similar to the Ubuntu PowerPC version found at but for FreeBSD 9.0 i386. If anyone wants a 64-bit version, ask and I will make one.

Download it below.

How to Use Disk Labels in NAS4Free or FreeNAS Legacy

You have a FreeNAS 7/NAS4Free server setup and you have several USB drives attached to it. Your ongoing issue is that every time you reboot your FreeNAS server the disk mounts get mixed up and the drive numbers are out of order. One day your 120GB Western Digital HDD is da0, then all of a sudden it becomes da2 while your Seagate 500GB HDD is now da0.

If you have more USB drives attached and you use software RAID. All of a sudden, your Western Digital HDD that stores all those vacation pictures becomes a member of a RAID set. Ouch!!

MySQL Fixing Host is blocked because of many connection errors

I've recently been experiencing a problem with some MySQL servers, "Host 'host_name' is blocked because of many connection errors.

Quick and Easy RTMP Flash Streaming Video with Red5 on FreeBSD

Streaming live video via Flash over RTMP can be done on FreeBSD with minimal effort.  We will use the FreeBSD operating system, the Red5 RTMP server, and the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

glib-2 and gio-fam-backend install stuck or stalls on FreeBSD

You are going about your normal business, updating your ports on FreeBSD using portmaster or portupgrade. You come back an hour later to find that your update has stalled on the following:

How to Setup DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Postfix and FreeBSD

If your mail is always ending up in the "Junk" folder, perhaps it's time to take a look at DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). DKIM is an email authentication framework (or protocol) that tries to minimize the SPAM problem. Your email server will sign every outgoing message with a cryptographic private key. Your DNS server is setup with TXT record in the email's domain that contains a matching public key. The receiving end will take the two keys, and determine if they are a match, thus authenticating your email server.

FreeBSD's FTP Server Doesn't Honor Configuration Values in ftpd.conf

While trying to setup an FTP server on my FreeBSD 7.2 system, for some reason anything I put into the /etc/ftpd.conf file did not work. I wanted to specify a PASSIVE ports range and according to the FreeBSD documentation, the following line in the ftpd.conf file *should* do it.

FreeBSD 7.2 Package Mirror by

I'd like to make available for the public a free package mirror for FreeBSD 7.2 i386. The pre-built packages on this server are not by any means 100% complete, but their are many currently available.

If using the default csh:


If your using bash:



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