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Cannot log in to IBM System x IMM web Interface with Firefox

If you use Firefox version 52 or later and you have Lenovo/IBM IMM firmware 1.47 and later you'll notice that there is no progress after pressing the Login button in IMM web interface. This the latest flaw in what was once a great browser. The people over at Mozilla think they know what's best and decide to break stuff in the name of 'security'.

AWK Stuff

Some random AWK commands

Print the reverse the order of certificates in a bundled x509 file

cat $PEM_FILE | awk 'BEGIN {n=0} split_after == 1 {n++;current_line=0;split_after=0} /-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ {split_after=1} NF {a[n][current_line++]=$0} END {for(m=n;m>=0;m--) for(line in a[m]) print a[m][line];}'

Print out the CN (common name) of Nth certificate from x509 file

Installation script for a FreeBSD based MATE desktop

This is an installation script for a FreeBSD based MATE desktop.

Make any Printer a Network Printer Using FreeBSD, a Raspberry Pi, and p910nd

Using a program called p910nd you can take any non-network printer and turn it into a network printer over Ethernet or Wifi.

Install Meteor on FreeBSD

Follow the directions on this page to get the latest stable (released) version of Meteor running on FreeBSD. As of this writing, that's version utilizing NodeJS 4, MongoDB 3.2, and NPM 3.9

VMware Tools, Smooth Mouse, Clipboard Sharing, Auto-Resize on TrueOS

Like GhostBSD guests on VMWare it's also easy to enable smooth mouse, clipboard sharing, and auto-resize for TrueOS. Only one tiny adjustment is required. Keep in mind though that TrueOS is still in beta and is tracking FreeBSD 12-CURRENT as of this writing, so things might be a little unstable. By 'unstable' I mean that updates might break stuff, the OS itself works pretty well with VMWare.

VMware Tools, Smooth Mouse, Clipboard Sharing, Auto-Resize on GhostBSD 10.3

For a GhostBSD guest running on VMWare it's really easy to enable features like smooth mouse, clipboard sharing, and auto-resize. These instruction will cover the most simplest method using the emulators/open-vm-tools binary package. If you prefer to build your own packages or want more control over your X11 configuration file, take a look at a similar post Open VM Tools on FreeBSD 10 with Xorg.

Convert FreeBSD port custom options in /var/db/ports into a /etc/make.conf compatable file.

A quick little script to convert /var/db/ports into a make.conf file. Useful when bulk building ports with poudriere.

Open VM Tools on FreeBSD 10 with Xorg

It's possible to enable clipboard sharing and auto-resize features inside a FreeBSD guest running on VMWare. However you will need to use the emulators/open-vm-tools port or package.

RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS Update Script for FreeBSD

This script uses the NSLOOKUP utility on FreeBSD to do dynamic DNS updates using the public IP address. This script uses the RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS updates standard. On FreeBSD 10+ you need to install NSUPDATE using ports.

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