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Redirect a Domain Alias to Primary Domain in Apache using mod_rewrite

This is perhaps one of the most simplest mod_rerwite directives that achieve something incredibly complex and useful. Say for example you have as your primary website domain. Then a few years later, you want to create an additional easy to remember domain that your visitors can use to get to For example, Or lets say in the event that you decide to rename your website and use a new domain (for example to replace your current one.

FreeBSD 7.2 Package Mirror by

I'd like to make available for the public a free package mirror for FreeBSD 7.2 i386. The pre-built packages on this server are not by any means 100% complete, but their are many currently available.

If using the default csh:


If your using bash:



PHP ipsecUpdate script

You can now use dynamic IP addresses with your m0n0wall IPSEC VPN tunnels, take a look at the ipsecUpdate.php script.

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