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How to Use Disk Labels in NAS4Free or FreeNAS Legacy

You have a FreeNAS 7/NAS4Free server setup and you have several USB drives attached to it. Your ongoing issue is that every time you reboot your FreeNAS server the disk mounts get mixed up and the drive numbers are out of order. One day your 120GB Western Digital HDD is da0, then all of a sudden it becomes da2 while your Seagate 500GB HDD is now da0.

If you have more USB drives attached and you use software RAID. All of a sudden, your Western Digital HDD that stores all those vacation pictures becomes a member of a RAID set. Ouch!!

Bypassing Virtual Machine Detection on VMWare Workstation

Often times you may run across some nasty software that will refuse to run inside a virtual environment.  Usually malware is the biggest culprit here, but some legitimate programs may also refuse to install if a virtual machine environment is detected.  Fortunately VMware has created a work around to prevent software from detecting a virtual machine.