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FreeBSD's FTP Server Doesn't Honor Configuration Values in ftpd.conf

While trying to setup an FTP server on my FreeBSD 7.2 system, for some reason anything I put into the /etc/ftpd.conf file did not work. I wanted to specify a PASSIVE ports range and according to the FreeBSD documentation, the following line in the ftpd.conf file *should* do it.

portrange all 52100 52121

How to Setup a Reverse Proxy with Squid

A reverse proxy set-up can solve a few problems. For example you can load balance servers, secure a server by hiding it behind a proxy, or load balance an Internet connection. In this HelpFile our goal is to offer access to a server on our private LAN through a higher bandwidth Cable modem connection, but without making changes to our server's network setup.

Fedora's PreUpgrade is Almost Perfect

PreUpgrade works great when your upgrading from a relatively new Fedora install. Systems which started on Fedora prior FC5 made a very small /boot partition by default (only 30MB). This poor planning by the Fedora team pretty much prevents you from using PreUpgrade. For these systems Anaconda or Yum is the only way, unless you re-size your /boot partition.

Redirect a Domain Alias to Primary Domain in Apache using mod_rewrite

This is perhaps one of the most simplest mod_rerwite directives that achieve something incredibly complex and useful. Say for example you have as your primary website domain. Then a few years later, you want to create an additional easy to remember domain that your visitors can use to get to For example, Or lets say in the event that you decide to rename your website and use a new domain (for example to replace your current one.