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Eloipool for FreeBSD

This is my customized version of the Eloipool mining pool server (written in Python) for FreeBSD 9.x.

New Version of the Simple MySQL Library for Java

A few years ago I released a the SimpleMySQL Java library allowing programers to utilize the MySQL database in a simple way similar to PHP and MySQL. Today I am please to announce a new version with several improvements and new features.

Full source code, instructions, and documentation can be found on this dedicated page:

Spammer Slapper

Introducing, the ultimate Anti-SPAM tool for your website. By polling all the resources of the Internet, we have created an Anti-SPAM system the will effectively block website and forum spam.

Updated Simple PHP File Upload Script with Multiple File Upload Added

I am pleased to announce the release of an updated Simple PHP File Upload script. Now you can upload multiple files at one time. To get the new version, just sign on to the Simple PHP File Upload web page at

Advanced Anti-SPAM Plugin for miniBB (reCaptcha, Spammer Slapper)

This is the "Advanced Anti-SPAM" plugin for miniBB 2.x. It uses the reCaptcha service to add a challenge to the post and reply form. Secondly, after a valid Captcha, it uses the Spammer Slapper service for additional anti-spam protection.

procmail-wrapper PPC (PowerPC) version for use with Virtualmin

The following is a simple wrapper program that will allow the execution of procmail as a specific user (when used with Postfix as a delivery command). All the does is change the user id and group id of the currently running process, then executes the standard procmail in /usr/bin/procmail. This is most useful in Virtualmin, but not specifically for that.

The Virtualmin Project makes a pre-compiled version available for i386 and X86_64, but not PowerPC.

***Please note****

Mozilla Thunderbird ISP Autoconfiguration Script for PHP and Apache

Starting with version 3.1, Mozilla Thunderbird has a built-on feature for automatically discovering mail server settings. While the default operation of "guessing" the setup works great 90% of the time, there is a feature that will "look-up" the correct settings for the given email address.

glib-2 and gio-fam-backend install stuck or stalls on FreeBSD

You are going about your normal business, updating your ports on FreeBSD using portmaster or portupgrade. You come back an hour later to find that your update has stalled on the following:

Why You shouldn't Write Your Application in .NET

I've recently been coming across some major commercial software that has gone the .NET route. It's very disappointing and sad to see great software come to this. When a software developer chooses to use/develop thier application .NET, it looses users, becomes lesser in quality, and locks itself into Windows. The purpose of this article is to inform developers why they should avoid .NET.

An Enhanced EDI Module for Ubercart

Introducing the Ubercart EDI module version 1.2 (unofficial). The modifications in this version integrate FTP transfers, add a field to specify a file header, and includes a standard X12 BASIC 850 PO export format. Read more about it at:

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