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procmail-wrapper PPC (PowerPC) version for use with Virtualmin

The following is a simple wrapper program that will allow the execution of procmail as a specific user (when used with Postfix as a delivery command). All the does is change the user id and group id of the currently running process, then executes the standard procmail in /usr/bin/procmail. This is most useful in Virtualmin, but not specifically for that.

The Virtualmin Project makes a pre-compiled version available for i386 and X86_64, but not PowerPC.

***Please note****

Mozilla Thunderbird ISP Autoconfiguration Script for PHP and Apache

Starting with version 3.1, Mozilla Thunderbird has a built-on feature for automatically discovering mail server settings. While the default operation of "guessing" the setup works great 90% of the time, there is a feature that will "look-up" the correct settings for the given email address.